Plum Island - Paid Custom Map for Rust

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Version: 1Jb
Theme: Rivers and Railways
Land Mass: 3700 (size is an approximation)
Ocean size: 3800 (size is an approximation and includes the land mass size)
Resources: Normal

This map set on a large island divided up by two huge meandering rivers and hiding a secret laboratory to find, explore and contains some great looting opportunities. The map is built from the ground up with a hand-drawn island shape and custom heightmap to give the map a none traditional feel and look.

The island is linked with either bridges or tunnels and has a map-wide railway network. There are lots of great new places to build that I like to call Interesting building locations. Modded servers can take advantage of the new working custom monument puzzles.
If you wish to take advantage of the extensive railway network there is a third party (paid) Train plug-in on Chaos Code.
Why is it called plum island? Click here ..

Interesting building locations:
Custom Compound to build in
Empty Old Quarry (2 types)
Custom caves
Bunker Cave
Custom Mine Shafts
Mini Sewers
Custom shallow cave for Barren

Several small custom monuments
Huge Custom Secret laboratory
Huge Custom Railway
Custom Wooden Bridges
Custom Steel Bridges

Map Trailer

Train Station Puzzle

Underground Laboratory

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