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Coldwind Expanse - Free Custom Map for Rust

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Version: new year
Theme: Winter
Land Mass: 2600 (size is an approximation)
Ocean size: 2700 (size is an approximation and includes the land mass size)
Resources: high

This Christmas map is set on a snowy island.

The island hides a secret storage facility to explore and contains some great looting opportunities. The map is built from the ground up with a custom seed island shape and reduced rock placements like on cliffs to achieve a normal-looking map with much, much, fewer prefabs to help the server run butter smooth..

The island is linked with either bridges or tunnels and there are lots of great new places to build that I like to call Interesting building locations. Modded servers can take advantage of the new working custom monument puzzles.

Interesting building locations:

15 Custom ice caves.

Heat light zones.

6 Ice lakes at sea.



Several small custom monuments

Custom storage facility

Huge custom bridge.

Hello guys, this map was a bit of fun and designed to bring a bit of Xmas spirit to the game. There are some known issues because the Arctic biome was not designed by FacePunch to be used on a whole map and this does make the map act a bit strange at times.  Only run this map if you know you're ok with some issues with animals spawns etc.  They are there but they may spawn in strange places.  This map was just a Merry Christmas from me not really intended for repeated use.

Rust Custom Map

Map Trailer

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