Combustion Isle - Paid Custom Map for Rust

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Version: Initial Release
Theme: Cars, Rivers and Railways
Land Mass: 3900 (size is an approximation)
Ocean size: 4096 (size is an approximation and includes the land mass size)
Resources: Normal

Combustion Isle is a medium to large-sized map designed from the start to be for the rusts car update with special attention given to the roads to add a nice mix of smooth and bumpy parts in the network of interlacing roads. To complement the map there is a full rail network and river system to add even more transport options. (Compatible with the trains mod).

There are a lot of custom monuments in this map in all shapes and sizes from underwater to underground not to mention the huge lift and cable bridges..

Satellite control centre

This monument is largely based inside a desert plateau across a multilevel design with you working your way up to the control room and then to the roof for your escape with the loot. 

Data storage centre

This monument is housed under the seabed and contains some of cobalt most sensitive research data backups. After finding the facility and diving down your taken into the airlock and from here you work your way down to the lower levels to find the server room and the loot. to exit you find a server room and with your diving gear you head up a flooded cooling shaft to make your exit.

M.O.T Centre

This monument is based on the real world MOT test (Ministry of Transport, or simply MOT) is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness aspects and it carried out in garages across the UK.

In this game version, you can find more car related loot than normal and also a working car ramp to modify your cars as well as a blue card puzzle with some nice loot and to top it off a red card spawn.

Rust Custom Map

Map Trailer

Data Storage Puzzle

Satellite Control And Communications Centre

M.O.T Centre

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