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Military Barracks

Military Barracks -

A fully furnished barracks to add to monuments and its easy to use this as a template to resize for other building. Usage: You can use this prefab in anything you like even including paid maps as long as you credit me in the info/description.
Price: £0.00
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Command Prompt Font Pack

Command Prompt Font Pack -

I created this font pack so you can make custom laptop screen layouts to say anything you like.  they can be resized all you like to fit the size of your project. Enjoy TOS - Please Credit me If you use these prefabs.
Price: £0.00
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Junkyard Extended With Carpark

Junkyard Extended With Carpark -

Free junkyard prefab that adds a new carpark enclosed by junk pile mounds.
Price: £0.00
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Metal River Bridge

Metal River Bridge -

Free Metal River Bridge featuring a single lane of traffic and a railway line, in addition, the prefab comes with cliff edges that you can choose to use or not. 
Price: £0.00
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