About Us

I'm RobJ and have been designing and creating Custom Rust Maps for a number of years.

I also create bespoke maps for customers who need a unique, individual map that meets their detailed requirements to help make their server unique and stand out from the crowd.

My maps may feature things such as custom monuments, custom puzzles, custom caves, legacy caves, submerged monuments, interesting and unusual buildable places as well as custom prefabs for players to explore and use to their advantage whether the map is used on PVE or PVP servers.

I also produce custom prefabs, which are available to other map creators to use in their own projects as well as also creating the odd Rust approved item skins.

I don't have a public Rust server myself (just a development server for testing maps, prefabs etc) but I do administrate/moderate periodically on some Rust servers to see how the players utilise my maps and gather constructive feedback to help make improvements over time.

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