Frequently Asked Questions.

Why do I need an Oxide/uMod plugin for maps?

The plug-in enables some extra features such as custom puzzle doors etc. 
Some maps also have custom monuments that have bots with a custom AI.

How do I get my maps and updates from you?
The maps are delivered using discord rooms titled with the names of the maps. Inside these Discord rooms are the URL's to the map download. If you purchased Premier Access, you get access to all of the map rooms. Download links are updated as soon as any map updates are completed and I also put version numbers in the URL as well as the map update posts on Discord.
How do I update a map in the middle of a wipe?

If you click on any map title on our website, you'll see a video I made describing this simple process. A video is also available here.

Can I edit the maps after buying.
Yes you sure can.
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Please follow this video guide;

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